On Nov. 6, a worker fell from a construction project on the I-90 bridge over the Mississippi River. According to reports, the man ended up landing in an empty cofferdam instead of in the water. The cofferdam is a temporary, air-tight structure built for water to be pumped into so that construction work can be conducted on the bridge.

Following his 40-foot plunge, the worker was trapped in the cofferdam for at least an hour, and he sustained undisclosed but critical workplace accident injuries. The man worked for Ames Construction at the time of the incident, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation stated that construction on that section of the Dresbach bridge project was halted pending an accident investigation.

Emergency responders were transported to the cofferdam by boat, and the injured worker was subsequently rushed to a hospital. His prognosis was not reported, and authorities had yet to reveal the chain of events that led to his fall.

Work injuries can be hard for anyone who suffers them, but those whose jobs demand physical labor may have it even tougher than others. These individuals may find that their injuries prevent them from continued work, but their employers don’t always accommodate their need to heal. Although workers can file compensation claims, their bosses may decide to contest their allegations on the grounds that they sustained injuries that didn’t have anything to do with their job duties. Some employers may even say that the accidents were unavoidable, leading to delays in fund disbursal and increased stress for workers who ought to be focusing on recovering. Workplace injury attorneys may be able to assist these victims by helping them compile the evidence they’ll need to defend their claims or guiding them about the advisability of returning to work.

Source: MPR News, “Worker falls from I-90 bridge in Minn.“, Elizabeth Baier, November 06, 2013