While driving down any one of Minnesota’s highways, we often see road construction or maintenance workers alongside the road. When we physically see the workers on the side of the road it is easier to be aware of the need to slow down and drive safely. 

The truth is that even when drivers can see the workers busy at their jobs alongside the road, negligent accidents still often leave them injured. When a worker is below the roads, it is easy to forget that there is still danger below the roads. Sometimes, even something seemingly inconsequential can cause injury. Two workers were injured this month well below the pavement. 

The workplace accident occurred while two city of Minneapolis employees had been blow the pavement cleaning the sewers that are vital for a healthy community. In order to complete the task, the workers had to bring a large hose below. That hose had been stretched across the highway. 

While the workers were using the hose, a truck drove over it and it snapped. The freed portion of the hose fell through the manhold and hit the workers, injuring both of them. The two were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment. 

When a workplace accident occurs, even “minor” injuries can take an employee off the job for a period that can have a significant affect on his or her life. An attorney can help ensure that injured worker receives the compensation necessary to help recover both physically and financially from the injuries. 

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Police: City Workers Recovering After Sewer-Cleaning Accident,” July 11, 2013