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How does workers’ compensation work if I have multiple jobs?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

If you work multiple jobs in Minnesota and recently sustained an injury at one of them, you may be wondering how workers’ compensation will work in this situation.

Workers’ compensation laws exist to protect you after a work injury, but there are some things you should know about how the law applies when you work multiple jobs.

Can I get workers’ compensation from more than one employer?

You cannot receive workers’ compensation from any employer other than the one where the injury occurred. However, workers’ compensation laws take into account income from all of your jobs when determining your benefit amount. The number used to decide your benefit amount is the average weekly income from all of your employers. This can be especially helpful to offset the money lost from missing work at your other jobs.

Can an employer fire me for missing work after my injury?

Minnesota workers’ compensation laws protect you from termination at the job where you sustained the injury. The employer can still fire you, but not for reasons relating to the injury. After an injury, that employer must work with you to reintegrate you into a position with the company. While this employer cannot fire you for missing work after an injury, the same is not true for any of your other employers. If you are not able to work for another employer during this time, while they may empathize with your situation and retain you, they can also legally choose to let you go. This often happens in catastrophic injury cases that require a lot of time to recover.

Understanding how workers’ compensation laws apply in multiple-job scenarios can help you protect your rights as an employee.