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Do not let mistakes hinder your access to workers’ comp benefits

by | Aug 1, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation benefits are available for a reason. They exist to compensate wage loss and help pay medical bills while workers recover from work-related injuries. If you become injured on the job, apply for these benefits right away.

Hesitating to do so is a mistake and just might put into jeopardy your chances of receiving these much-needed benefits. It is crucial to avoid any mistakes, and there are a few of them that almost anyone can make.

Not reporting your injury or seeking treatment

Here are some of the blunders that you must avoid when dealing with a workers’ compensation situation:

  • Failing to report your injury right away: The first thing you need to do is inform your employer about your injury no matter how minor. Delaying doing so can prove to be a costly mistake. In such situations, your physician and your employer’s physician could consider your injury unrelated to work.
  • Failing to seek immediate medical treatment: Make an immediate appointment to see your doctor or visit a hospital’s emergency room. Such an oversight on your part may lead to your employer’s insurance company claiming your injury did not occur at work.
  • Neglecting to follow your physician’s treatment plan: Listen to your doctor. If your physician recommends you enroll in physical therapy and take follow-up tests, please do so. Injury symptoms, sometimes, lessen during treatment. However, those symptoms may quickly return if treatment stops.
  • Performing tasks against your doctor’s orders: If a doctor places restrictions on what you should physically do, follow his or her orders. For example, are you to avoid lifting heavy objects? Then do not pick up those heavy boxes left at your front door by the Amazon delivery person.
  • Providing excessive details to your employer’s insurance company: Your employer’s insurer is not looking out for you, rather your employer. During a telephone interview, the insurer may misinterpret your explanations or flat out trick you into saying something that does not work in your favor.
  • Neglecting to apply for workers’ compensation benefits: Seek those benefits that you deserve. Do not attempt to work while injured and do not take paid time off in hopes of recovering.

Mistakes could prove to be major obstacles in you receiving your workers’ compensation benefits. Understand the consequences and avoid making them.