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What risks do manufacturing workers face on the job?

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Accidents, Workplace Injuries |

When workers arrive at a production facility, they are often surrounded by reminders of the risks involved in this work. Signs warning of hazards, required training and other reminders make it clear that injuries are possible every day on the job. What risks do workers face on the production floor?

Being struck by or caught in machinery

From forklifts to machines on the production line, workers in the manufacturing industry often depend on machinery to make their workplace more efficient. This machinery can also create significant hazards, from employees being struck by a forklift to becoming caught between different parts of a machine.

Exposure to toxic substances

Many industries use potentially harmful substances during the manufacturing process, and exposure to these chemicals can lead to health concerns for employees. Even if employers appropriately label these substances and provide required training to their employees, exposure still creates risk for those workers.

Repetitive stress injuries

Even without an accident or exposure to a toxic substance, workers in manufacturing facilities face one particularly common risk to their health: the damage done by repeated motions. Performing one action throughout your day may be an efficient way to manufacture a product, but it can also slowly damage that portion of your body over time. As the National Safety Council notes, these injuries can be particularly common if the repeated motion also involves heavy lifting.

While manufacturing industry jobs can be risky, there are legal options available to injured workers. Workers’ compensation offers the support employees need after an accident or work-related condition leaves them unable to work.