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$148,000.00 – Workers’ Compensation

LPN unable to return to normal job. Back injury with consequential psychological injury

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Gerald W. Bosch

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Attorney

651-333-8300 Minnesota workers’ compensation law firm Bosch Law Firm, Ltd., represents individuals injured in workplace accidents across the state. Contact our firm to discuss your case.

Video Transcript

ATTORNEY GERALD BOSCH: I handle all types of workers’ compensation claims: slip and falls, lifting incidents, repetitive injuries, occupational exposure to chemicals, orthopedic injuries, neurological problems, surgical/non-surgical, I’ve handled it all. Basically claims that involve body parts from head to toe.

When clients first contact me when they’ve had a specific injury they want to know what doctors to treat with, if they are assigned a QRC or a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant. They want to know their rights in terms of selecting their own. I can help them make those decisions.

If you have a workplace injury it’s really important that you provide your employer with notice right away. Secondly, go see a doctor. If you have any injury often times it is important to get medical treatment right away. Your chances of a full recovery go up the sooner you get medical care. It is important to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Workers’ compensation is a very complicated system full of mine fields and pitfalls. You need solid advice to select doctors that are appropriate. There are benefits that you are entitled to when you have a work injury: to maintain your lifestyle, to get the medical care you need, to get the income you need to pay your bills. We can help make sure you are paid all the appropriate benefits.