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The call is always free and there is never a fee unless we recover benefits for you

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Free consultation –
Phones answered 24/7
The call is always free and there is never a fee unless we recover benefits for you

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Proud To Protect Injured Workers
Proud To Protect Injured Workers

Recovering Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Occupational Diseases

Have your job duties made you vulnerable to dangerous exposures or cancer-causing properties and therefore susceptible to a life-changing occupational disease?

Skilled St. Paul and Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney Gerald W. Bosch of Bosch Law Firm, Ltd., can help. He focuses his practice on workers’ compensation cases. He and his staff are committed to ensuring that clients who suspect they have an occupational disease are paid all the wage and medical benefits they are entitled to as a result of their injuries. He handles every aspect of your workers’ compensation claim providing personal, friendly and compassionate representation. He represents injured clients from all walks of life throughout Minnesota and has for more than 25 years. Call today to arrange a no-cost consultation. Call 800-355-6503 or 651-243-2877. Based in the St. Paul area, we serve clients all around Minnesota.

Representation For Victims Of Occupational Diseases, Toxic Exposure And Chemical Exposure

An occupational disease is a medical condition directly related to or caused by your work. If you have been exposed to dangerous or toxic substances while working and suffer from any of the conditions below you may be entitled to monetary compensation or medical coverage. Examples include:

  • Asbestosis
  • Silicosis
  • Asthma
  • Diseases connected to chemical and toxic exposures
  • Repetitive stress injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Loss of hearing due to industrial noise
  • Radiation disability

The pressures of your profession may have caused you to suffer a heart attack, stroke or psychological problem. As to whether your condition was caused by the job you do, you should discuss this important matter with Mr. Bosch as soon as possible. Many times, the more complicated the occupational disease case is, the more difficult an employer’s insurance company can become in discussions about the benefits you deserve. Gerald W. Bosch listens carefully as you describe how you came to contract your work-related illness. He conducts in-depth research and investigation for the facts he uses in negotiations with insurers — and litigation against them if necessary.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

When you are struggling with this kind of adversity, the lawyer you want on your side in the Twin Cities and throughout the state is Gerald W. Bosch. Contact him today to arrange the free consultation that could make a positive difference in your life. Our toll-free number is 800-355-6503. We can also be reached at 651-243-2877 or by email message. Home and hospital visits are available upon request. From the outset of the claims process to the positive outcome we always seek, you owe no attorney fee for our quality legal services. Due to our contingency fee policy, we cannot be compensated unless we win your case and obtain the benefits you need to deal with your occupational disease.