After a work injury, navigating the workers' compensation system in Minnesota can be intimidating. Don't risk losing out on benefits by trusting a biased "qualified rehabilitation consultant" or failing to seek help from a lawyer.

Based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, workers' comp lawyer Gerald W. Bosch represents injured workers and their families throughout Minnesota.

Not sure where to turn after a work injury? We have a proven track record of case results and client testimonials to back up our reputation for success in workers' compensation claims and lawsuits. With Gerald W. Bosch in your corner, feel confident you have made the right choice.

Don't know where to begin? There are tight time frames for filing your claim, whether you seek permanent partial disability or another type of work comp settlement. We'll help you get started. Then, we'll stand by you as your voice and advocate through all stages of the process - even up to the Minnesota Supreme Court, if necessary.

Claim denied? Even after a denial, you still may be entitled to workers' comp benefits. We'll work to turn your case around on appeal. We want you to get the compensation you need to reach maximum medical improvement without missing out on wages.

Miner, trucker or forestry worker?Forestry and iron ore mining are prominent industries across not only the Iron Range, but all of northern Minnesota. We help workers in both these industries who have suffered job-related accidents or illnesses.