Do You Have A Case For Workers' Compensation?

The workers' compensation system is exceedingly complex, so to know whether you have a case you should have your situation assessed by a seasoned lawyer.

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We give you an honest assessment of your workers' comp situation, and we serve as a trusted resource for you following a work accident or injury.

What Questions Will You Ask Me?

Anytime that you are hurt at work or need to seek medical care for a work-related injury, there are some standard questions that we ask. These allow us to gain a better understanding of exactly how you were hurt, and give us the information we need to give you custom-tailored legal advice. Some of these questions include:

  • Were you injured at work or on a job site?
  • What type of work do you do?
  • What types of actions and movements (such as lifting, kneeling and standing) does your job require?
  • Do you work in Minnesota?
  • If you do not work in Minnesota, were you hired in MN by an MN ER, injured while travelling through Minnesota for work, or do you receive work orders from Minnesota?
  • Was your injury caused by one specific event or accident, or did it develop over time?
  • Have you already filed a workers' comp claim?
  • Has your claim been denied?
  • Have you been scheduled by the insurance company for an "independent medical evaluation" (IME)?
  • Have your benefits been discontinued because of an "independent medical evaluation" (IME) report?
  • Have you received a Notice of Intention to Discontinue Workers' Compensation?
  • Are you currently receiving workers' comp benefits?
  • Are you receiving the full amount that you are entitled to?
  • Have you chosen your own doctors to treat your injuries?
  • Are you working with a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC) of your own choosing to help you coordinate your medical care, explore retraining options and return to suitable employment?
  • Have been assigned a permanent partial disability (PPD) rating?
  • Have been placed at maximum medical improvement (MMI)?
  • If you were able to return to work was it at a reduced earning capacity and are you being paid the appropriate temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits?
  • Have your workers' compensation benefits stopped too soon?

While these and many other questions that we ask reflect the services we provide injured workers, we also assist those who are seeking death and dependency benefits after losing loved ones due to work-related illness or injury.

I'm Already Receiving Workers' Comp Payments. Do I Need An Attorney?

Even if your workers' compensation benefits are being paid, it is helpful to get advice soon after your injury so that you understand your rights and responsibilities. This also ensures that you know who you may choose as your doctor or where you may go for vocational rehabilitation services. This is vital, as selecting the right health care professional can make all the difference in how soon and how fully you recover from your injuries.

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