Bosch Law Firm, Ltd, Overview

/ 651-333-8300 Bosch Law Firm, Ltd, represents injured workers throughout Minnesota who have been hurt on the job. Contact our experienced workers' compensation lawyer Gerald Bosch today.

Video Transcript

ATTORNEY GERALD BOSCH: I have over twenty years of experience handling just worker's compensation claims on behalf of injured workers. Our office is in St Paul. We have clients in every part of the state and we also handle claims for clients who live in other states that have their injuries in Minnesota, working for Minnesota employers.

Clients who come to me have had a life changing event, often with a work injury. They are no longer able to work; they are in the medical system treating with doctors; they are getting with vocational counselors. We provide a steady, stable hand to guide them through that system.

When you come into my office, you are going to meet with me personally. You are not going to meet with a staff member; you are not going to meet with a paralegal or legal assistant. You will meet with me. If you call me, you will always get a free legal consultation. I will not charge you for the initial conversation; I will give you free advice.

If you claim is being paid voluntarily, I often get involved at the early stages so I can direct you to doctors who will be more favorable, rehabilitation consultants who will be more favorable because those people will make a big difference in the outcome of your case. I will basically provide you free advice as your case goes forward, until they cut you off; until the insurance companies start jerking your chain.

When an opposing lawyer sees my name on a file, they know they are going to have a challenge in front of them because they know I am willing to try the case; we're willing to go to trial and force them to pay the benefits that are deserved.